A Girl’s Style Guide to Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Makeup brushesApplying makeup is an art and very few can be good at this. While applying makeup, we often use cotton or a soft cloth to lighten the effect of foundation or rouge applied on our face, but still we don’t get that perfect finish. Makeup brushes help in giving the perfect finish to your makeup. Different makeup brushes have various uses and are of many types. They give your makeup a matte finish and blend the foundation to your skin tone in such a way that your makeup doesn’t look caked up. Using the right makeup brush can give you results similar to makeup applied by a professional makeup artist. For daily makeup, you should have the essential ones required to apply the most basic types of makeup.
Complete Makeup Kit
These days in the markets, you can find a range of brushes available belonging to different brands. The price of the brushes depends on the brand and quality of the brush. A makeup brush is made up of high-quality fiber or hair. The fibers can either be synthetic or natural, and it should not be rough or harsh on the skin. Synthetic ones are easier to clean and last longer than the ones with natural fibers. Opt for good quality brushes as brushes with bad-quality fiber might damage your skin.
Makeup brushes are designed according to the facial area to which makeup is to be applied. For example, to apply makeup to the eye,

Learn The Secret to the Best Makeup for Acne-prone Skin

Best makeup for acne prone skinHow do you feel when you have to attend a party the following day and you get a cluster of painful red bumps on your face? You constantly worry if your makeup will further flare up the acne on your face. You need to consider a lot of things before choosing makeup for your acne prone skin. One of the most important things is to opt for a good oil-free foundation as well as a primer.
Cosmetics for Acne Prone Skin
use a non-greasy sunscreen with SPF 30 containing titanium oxide
~ The face cream or the moisturizer you choose must be free from lanolin and isopropyl myristate.
Instead of heavy moisturizers, use serums and light water based lotions that are capable of restoring the moisture balance without letting it dry.

~ The foundation you choose must be non-comedogenic (one that does not clog pores).

~ You can opt for a mineral makeup or liquid makeup containing organic botanical extracts, titanium oxide and zinc oxide with anti bacterial properties.
kaolin, lavender oil, tea tree oil and rose water are very soothing on acne
~ Choose a cleanser specially formulated for acne containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that are capable of controlling acne.

~ You should never apply cosmetics with dimethicone and bismuth oxychloride as they clog the pores present on your skin.

~ You should never apply astringents, exfoliators, masks and toners containing alcohol on acne.

~ Use a gentle non abrasive cleanser

How to Test Makeup Products Before You Buy

Testing lipstickWomen are always attracted to shiny, shimmery, sparkling, glamorous, and all such similar things. Makeup is one of them. Some are born with an innate flair for choosing the right products, and then there are the rest who find it tough to decide which is the best.

To catch the latest trend, they run bonkers from one cosmetic store to another. In the hope of transforming their look with a single brush flick, they end up buying junk that they either don’t use or don’t know how it’s used.

But it’s not the fault of women! Our cursory society gives so much importance to physical appearance that it becomes necessary to don a made-up look. That being said, it can be declared that makeup is cardinal. It packs our confidence and happiness in smart covers and makes it easily available at multiple beauty counters.

These beauty counter encounters are, most of the time, painful and downright confusing. The staff at the counters are eager to take you through a humble demo of almost everything. To stop them and tell your preferences, you need some real guts.

Here, you will find some tips on how to test makeup products before buying, so that the next time you approach that department store beauty counter, you will do it with aplomb.

Checking for Suitability: Do a Patch Test

It is the most important step before purchasing any kind of makeup products, especially if you have sensitive skin. Doing a patch test is

7 Must-have Grooming Products for Men Every Guy Should Own

Wet shaving kit - a must-have grooming product for menThere has been a lot said and done so that men can have their own range of grooming products. Cosmetic companies have specially formulated creams, face washes, and other products specifically for men so that they do not have to use products made for women. There are numerous shows demonstrating the use and benefits of such products, which has led to more men becoming self-conscious. Men have started looking into their grooming on a daily basis, and not just for important interviews, meetings, birthdays, and other special occasions. As we all know, grooming not only pertains to skin care products, it also includes nails, hair, and body products.

Keeping that in mind, given in this Buzzle write-up is a compilation of grooming products and equipment that all men should own and use.
Stock Your Cabinets With …

Skin Care Products

Markets are flooded with skin care products, like cleansers, toners, moisturizer, scrubs, face washes, packs, etc., specifically meant for men. If you are confused about which products to use, then the first thing you need to do is determine your skin type. Based on this, choose products. Always remember that the soap you use while bathing should not be used for your face, as the chemicals in it can cause irritation to your skin. If you can, try to opt for herbal products, as they are the best if you want your skin to look youthful always. So,

Confused Which Hair Color Suits Your Skin Tone? Here’s the Answer

Hair colors as per skin toneA lot of people are born with a beautiful head of hair but aren’t too sure if their hair color works for them. Others simply want to turn their hair around by coloring it. The great thing about coloring one’s hair is that you get to pick from a wide variety of hues within a single color. Whether you prefer dark tones to light or vice verse, the choices are limitless. Men and women can experiment with the ideas mentioned here on how to turn their tresses into wondrously colorful strands. Do be sure to match the skin tone specification with the hair color that is best suited for each, to make the most out of your option.
How to Choose an Appropriate Hair Color
The color of your skin greatly determines how the color of your hair will turn out, where no one is born with a shade that doesn’t suit them. Our genetics vary to such a degree, that our hair colors are influenced as a result. Based on climatic conditions, genetics of course, and the mix of generations in a family line, the color of one’s hair will accordingly take form. To choose a hair color that suits you, you must use the color of your skin as the deciding factor.
Some skin tones don’t go well with certain hair colors because it stands out in an unflattering way.
Light plays a significant role in manipulating the shades

The Most Extravagant Hair Color Ideas for African-American Women

Hair color ideas for African-American womenYou don’t want the hair color to make your features stand out in an unflattering manner, where the key is to try on colored wigs or do a ‘patch test’ before making a choice. That way, you can see how the color would suit you before going ahead. There are certain things that must be borne in mind when picking out a hair color – African-American women should remember that not all skin tones in this category are consistent, but vary in shades.
Different Strokes…. ….For Different Folks
Those with light skin tones can opt for dark or light (not over-the-top) hair colors, where others who fall in the dark-chocolate category, should opt for dark shades only. Warm skin tones are versatile; the advantage of being able to carry off any hair color is a given. Darker skin tones do not have this advantage, where extra care should be taken in picking a shade that isn’t unflattering. Important things to keep in mind – face shape, skin tone (most importantly), and hairstyle. Also, avoid going with hair color options that have words like ‘cool’ or ‘ashy’ as part of the description.
For a Milk Chocolate or Black/Dark Chocolate skin tone
What’s Hot: For women who fall in the dark skin tone category, choose hair colors in the dark / medium-light brown, burgundy, or jet black zone. These colors will not only complement your skin tone but will warm up your features

Attractive Facial Features – The Elements of a Perfect Face

Face - a reflection and a mysteryEveryone wants to look attractive. People wear makeup, use beauty creams and so on; just to look good. But there are some facial features that make you look attractive naturally. Wide-set eyes, high cheekbones, a tapering chin and a small nose are considered to make one look attractive. Sharp facial features make one look good. But beauty does not have set parameters. It’s a perception that differs from person to person. Here we will try to tell you about the facial features that are widely considered to qualify as ‘attractive’.
Elements of a Perfect Face
Perfect ForeheadPointed Nose Tip

Tapering Chin

Prominent Dimples


There is actually no such thing as a perfect-sized forehead. But, a forehead size should ideally be, at least one-fourth the size of your whole face. Otherwise, as long as your forehead compliments your face on the whole, it is perfect. However, most people consider big foreheads attractive.

Striking Eyebrows
Eyebrows should be medium-sized, not too long or short. They should have sufficient gap between them, where your nose joins your forehead to form the ‘T’. But, they should not be receding either. Scanty eyebrows can steal the beauty of your forehead and eyes. Arched shaped brows will give you a raised and curvy look. Neatly shaped, fairly thick brows look very graceful.
Twinkling Eyes
Eyes are the most prominent feature of the face. They play a major role in forming facial expressions, as it is believed, that the eyes speak

How to Become Beautiful and Desirable: Try These 8 Daily Routines

Quote by Anne Roiphe on beautyBeauty and femininity go hand in hand. Every woman loves to look beautiful. It is not that only those women who think they are not good-looking, and want to look stunning. Even some of the most beautiful women wish to look more attractive. Many of them make a lot of effort to improve their physical appearance. They spend a lot of time in selecting the right skin cream, makeup, clothing, etc. However, all these things can make them to look good only temporarily. For a permanent effect, they have to make themselves beautiful from within. If you feel the same, here are some tips that will help you out.
Know Yourself
When you are aware of your likes and dislikes, it will improve your confidence level and make you a better person. Identify the uniqueness that you have and cultivate it. As a result, you will feel good about yourself and your personality will shine. Do not get carried away by the negative opinions of other people about you. You should know that most people say such things just to feel good about themselves.
Be Genuine and Comfortable with Yourself
Be happy and content with the way you look and love yourself just the way you are. Feel comfortable with your facial features and body shape. Many girls make the mistake of faking themselves in order to impress a guy. If you do the same, it would not make you beautiful.